Boundaries of the educational imagination

boundaries front pageBoundaries of the educational imagination (in press, African Minds, 2015) takes the reader on a journey through the heights and depths of education, with the express intention of expanding and stretching the educational imagination. The first journey travels from one school in the world outwards to all the schools of the world – it asks what patterns we would see if all the schools of the world came into view at the same time. The second journey digs down into the micro world of a school, increasing focus from the structure of schools and classrooms downwards into desks, chairs, teaching equipment and writing tools. The third journey travels into the interior minds and development of individual learners, tracking the possibility of their growth from ‘babe to sage’. The fourth journey explores how the growth of knowledge has exploded across the world, making education an increasingly difficult endeavor. The fifth journey takes you into the micro structure of knowledge and shows how its micro elements combine and build in pedagogically profound ways. The five journeys of the educational imagination enable the reader to break out of existing and limited patterns of thought about education and shows how the educational imagination can be trained to expand its power through specific rules of practice. The book comes with a six video series freely available on YouTube and can be accessed through this site. The book is freely downloadable at and hard copies can be purchased from the same site (available early 2015)



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