July 2014



University of KwaZulu-Natal

School of Education and Development

Private Bag X01

Scottsville 3209

Work tel: 033 260 5567




10 Carter Drive


Pietermaritzburg 3201

Home tel: 033 345 1058



PhD: Department of Education, Rhodes University, 2004

Med: School of Education, University of the Witwatersrand, 1992

Bed: School of Education, University of the Witwatersrand, 1988

BA ed: School of Education, University of the Witwatersrand, 1985



2008 – 2010: Head of School (Education and Development) University of KwaZulu-Natal

2009: Associate Professor (Education and Development) University of KwaZulu-Natal

2006: Senior Lecturer (Education and Development) University of KwaZulu-Natal

2003: Lecturer (Education and Development) University of KwaZulu-Natal

1995: Senior Lecturer (Education Studies) Johannesburg College of Education

1991: Head of Department (History, Life Orientation, Business Economics). Sandown High School








Hugo, W. (ed). 2015 (forthcoming). Conceptual integration and educational analysis. HSRC press, Cape Town

Hugo, W. 2015 (forthcoming). Boundaries of the educational imagination. African Minds, Cape Town

Hugo, W. 2013. Cracking the code to educational analysis. Pearson, Cape Town

Hugo, W. 2007. Ladders of beauty: Hierarchical pedagogy from Plato to Dante. Peter Lang, Bern

Refereed Journal Articles

Watson, A and Hugo, W. 2015 (forthcoming). Adolescent literacies: Chatting and learning across different planes of composition. Education as Change

Arbee, A and Hugo, W. 2014. (forthcoming). What is epistemological access in Marketing? Journal of Education (58)

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Hugo, W. 2005. ‘Something extra: the moment of good teaching’. Journal of Education 36: 79-92

Hugo, W. 2004. ‘Pedagogy and hierarchy: Plato and Bernstein’. Journal of Education 34: 51-77

Book Chapters

Hugo, W. 2012. Supervision response on ‘Spiralling reference’, in Fataar, A. Debating thesis supervision. Sun Press, Stellenbosch

Hugo, W. 2009. Drawing the line in Post Apartheid Curriculum Studies, in Pinar, W. Curriculum Studies in South Africa. Palgrave McMillan, New York.

Hugo, W. 2009. The eupraxis of Wally Morrow, in Pendlebury, S & Shalem, Y. Retrieving Teaching: Critical issues in Curriculum, Pedagogy and Learning. Juta, Cape Town

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Hugo, W. 2007. Climbing the ladder of knowledge: Plato and Bernstein, in Moore, R., Beck, J., Arnot, M., Daniels, H (eds) Knowledge, Power and Educational Reform: applying the sociology of Basil Bernstein. Routledge, New York

Research Reports

Hugo, W. 2014. Underperforming schools and turn around strategies that work or fail – a literature review and framework for South African interventions. Education excellence consortium.

Hugo, W, Jack, M, Wedekind, V and Wilson, D. 2010. The state of education in KwaZulu-Natal: a report for KZN Treasury. Pietermaritzburg: School of Education and Development, UKZN



Journal of Education:  2007 (42); 2008 (43) with Sylvan Blignaut; (45) with Volker Wedekind; 2009 (46); 2010 (48, 50); 2011 (51); 2012 (53, 55); 2013 (57)


Five articles in The Witness for a column called ‘Education matters’

Book Manuscripts in Preparation

‘Theorising education’ manuscript submitted to Pearson Education



Provincial treasury report on quality of education in KwaZulu-Natal (2008-2011): Joint director with Volker Wedekind

Gender, Education and Global Poverty Reduction Initiatives (2009-2011): Expert advisor

Institutional Initiatives to Enhance Participation, Access, Retention and Success in African Higher Education: A Multi-Country Study on Good Practice to Inform Policy (2010-2011): Steering committee member

International Association for Advancement of Curriculum Studies (2008-11): Research report on South African Curriculum Studies and respondent

NRF Further Education and Training Research Project (2005-8): Director



2014 (June) Keynote. How to theorise education. Phd conference, Wits University

2013 (October). Keynote. The rigours of the pedagogic imagination. Phd conference on Knowledge and the Curriculum, Rhodes University

2012. Plenary. Specialised knowledge and professional judgement in teacher education: an address to teacher educators in South Africa. Teacher education conference, University of Pretoria

2012. Keynote. Escaping the shadows with Bernstein, Bourdieu, Boltanski and Latour. IAACS, Rio de Janeiro



Phd Cohort: Theoretical frameworks and research methodology

Masters: Discourses in education research; Curriculum Studies

Honours: Advanced theories in education and development; Comparative education and development; Sociology of education; Philosophy of education

Undergraduate: Introduction to education and development; Sociology of Education; Philosophy of Education; Curriculum studies

School: Grade 6-12 History, English, Business Economics, Life Orientation, Physical Education



Phd graduates: Carol Bertram, Sagree Govender, Cindy Ramhurry, Ted Sommerville, Adrienne Watson, Aradhna Arbee (joint supervisor with Carol Thomson), Craig Wilcox

Phd examiner: Devika Naidoo (UKZN), Lesley Anne Greenbaum (UKZN), Yvonne Reed (Wits), Carola Steinberg (Wits)


2007-2014: Editor of Journal of Education

2007-2014: Peer review work for NRF

2007-2014: Journal Manuscript review for Theoria, Education as Change, Perspectives in Education, South African Journal of Higher Education, Southern African Review of Education, South African Journal of Education, Alternation

2013-2014: Executive Committee – South African Education Research Association

2008-2012: Secretary for International Association for Advancement of Curriculum Studies

2008-13: Member of Kenton association executive


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