research reports

The KwaZulu-Natal Treasury commissioned a report from me, Volker Wedekind, and a team, on the state of education in the province as well as suggested measures of improvement (2009-2010). This resulted in three major inputs – a literature review that i wrote on how to improve education in a developing context – What makes education work ( Lit review with cover )

A state of education report on KwaZulu-Natal that a team put together (mainly myself, Volker Wedekind, Margaret Jack and Daniel Wilson) (state of ed with cover for web small)

A set of policy recommendations for the provincial treasury and department of education to follow up on (policy options with cover)

In 2014, the Education Excellence Consortium requested me to do a literature review on turn around strategies for poorly performing schools. This review provides a framework for thinking about interventions in South African education: Underperforming schools and turn around strategies that work or fail – A literature review and framework for South African interventions  (literature review formatted)



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