2012. Plenary. Specialised knowledge and professional judgement in teacher education: an address to teacher educators in South Africa. Teacher education conference, University of Pretoria.  teacher education professionalism

2013 (October). Keynote. The rigours of the pedagogic imagination. Phd conference on Knowledge and the Curriculum, Rhodes University. Keynote pedagogic imagination with brain An audio and prezi of the address can be found here wayne hugo keynote rhodes.

2014 (February) Invited address. Devices of the pedagogic imagination, Centre for Higher Education Development, University of Cape Town how to theorise education

2014 (June) Keynote. How to theorise education. Phd conference, Wits University.
During this conference i did four presentations, using how to theorise education, but with time to break up the presentations into parts. This culminated in a workshop that used a workbook to start practicing educational analysis How to theorise education workshop worksheet(1)

2015 (June) Keynote. The work of pedagogy: how metaphor, metonymy, abstraction and densification are used in teaching. Legitimation Code Theory Colloquium

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